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@Mutli_KijunSen:  07 Oct 2022, 22:47

The area where Kijunen 9, 26 and 52 intersect Kijunsen 234 upwards or downwards can be an area to change the direction of the trend in the future.

@Tow_MACD_In_One:  07 Oct 2022, 22:38

When divergence is observed in both indicators (in different proportions), there is a possibility of changing the trend

@Tow_MACD_In_One:  03 Oct 2022, 11:29

Thank you for your opinion
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free  20 Nov 2022
By using this indicator, we can observe faster and slower divergences at the same time as the MACD default value and make better decisions. Also, move the coordinates of each forward and backward on the x-axis as desired Smaller MACD provides faster signals and larger MACD provides reliable signals Be sure to Backtest before use and don't use signal lines Wishing everyone success
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