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@KST oscillator: In order to install an indicator please follow the instructions found when you click the "How To Install" link found under the Headline Indicators in the Indicators List Page (Top Left - under the Gray Notification)  Let us know if you require additional help downloading and installing indicators/robots
@Ultimate 5 points pivot system: Consider using the new TimeFrame  class and property.
@Trend Robot: Please see the answer here: /forum/calgo-reference-samples/657
@CCI 20 Robot (Modified): Please correct your robots (or redownload) to include this lines of code for proper results based on the robots logic: protected override void OnPositionClosed(Position position) { _position = null; }
@Demark Pivot Points: Demark Pivot Points: /algos/indicators/show/273
@Round Numbers: See also: /forum/whats-new/913. Round Numbers based on a new method ChartObjects.DrawHorizontalLine() that is available with the new release of cAlgo.
@ZigZagBot: Please remove the first line: //#reference: ..\Indicators\ZigZag.algo and add the reference by clicking on the button Add Reference next to build.
@Supertrend: Please use the button "Add Reference" to locate and add the AverageTrueRange.algo file to the Supertrend. Make sure the AverageTrueRange is located in the correct folder and that it has been build first.
@Dynamic Range Indicator: You can add this statement to the beginning of the Calculate method: if(index < LevelH) return; to avoid an Argument Out Of Range Exception when the index is less than LevelH. There is also some redundant code like: int iSeriesCloseCnt = MarketSeries.Close.Count-1; //... if(index == iSeriesCloseCnt) // this is always true
@ZigZagBot: Please click on the link "How to Install" in the Robots section: /algos/robots for information.
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