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@Remove deposits/withdraws in Equity Graph:  20 Dec 2022, 12:33

The Equity Graph of Analyze in cTrader Desktop contains deposits/withdraws, which makes the curve quite un-readable and confusing.  The equity curve is used for traders to review their trading performance, so it should only contain PnL which are generated by trades. This is the norm in the industry, look at other platforms like meta-trader, or whatever performance graph shown by any funds.  Please change this to get rid of deposits/withdraws in the equity graph!

@Request to add SL and TP to trade history:  24 Nov 2022, 06:25

The "history" tab of cTrader contains many relevant information regarding each finished trade. But there is no TP, SL columns indicating what were the last take profit and stop loss price trader placed for this trade, if any.  Would be worthwhile to add such columns, and better to highlight TP to be green if this trade finished by hitting TP, and highlight SL to be red if this trade finished by hitting SL.  This information will be helpful for trader to review their strategy to place SL and TP in history, hence help them improve the strategy, e.g., they will know how many of percentage of times their trades hit SL or TP in history.   


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