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Last Algorithm Comments's avatar · 1 month ago

Bro just learn how to read the indicator. Spoonfed much?'s avatar · 1 month ago

The forum link is dead.'s avatar · 1 month ago

Doesn't show weekly or monthly on any time frame.

Maybe I'll have a peek at the code and let you know. Any tips welcome as to what you think it might be. I'm a snr C# dev so feel free to geek speak.

Thanks's avatar · 8 months ago

Hey bro. I'm an algo writer. I will test and if I see the potential for my use-case then I will be in contact. In particular, I am looking to revise some of my own algos to run on lower timeframes(or assist on a public domain codebase). Can I contact you if I have questions on the codebase etc?  This is me  I'm a senior .net core dev;'s avatar · 8 months ago

Thanks for the work put in and I will definitely give it a bash and see what you have created. Thank you for your contributions. :)'s avatar · 8 months ago You're gonna have to be a bit more specific. An image link would be ideal. But the short answer is that this is not tradingview and the goal isn't to be tradingview. However if there is an element to the indicator on another platform that you would l;like to point out as a suggestion then pls include the name and author of the indicator, a link to an image marked up with suggested areas of interest as well as textual description in as much detail as possible as to the exact functionality that you are suggesting incorporating. Simply saying "its not like tradingview one" is not very useful. Thanks.