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@Golden Dragon: if (IsBacktesting) ChartRefresh()
@Golden Dragon: Backtesting can be a bit faster if you do not call ChartRefresh() on every tick. Call i when you not in backtesting mode only (check IsBacktesting property).
@Fractals Auto Trend Line:  //ChartObjects.SetDrawLine( Extend to Infinity) ?!? Here is example of extended lines, so you can use similar method: /forum/whats-new/913#2
@Clock: Why do you use OpenTime[0] as a broker time. This is not correct. OpenTime.LastValue will correct, but only if you use m1 time frame.
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by Kate
free  18 Nov 2013
Predicts intraday volatility using historical volatility for specific time of day. RateOfChange - EMA factor, less RateOfChange - more days are aggregated.  
by Kate
free  12 Jun 2013
This indicator can be attached to the source indicator. It shows its maximum, minimum and current values. You can specify values sacle precision (digits number), text color and period to use when looking for max and min.
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