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@Self updated Asia/Europe/US Market Hours:  07 Jun 2023, 23:07

one small thing - I can't seem to find a reference anywhere to the Session class. Anyone -any thoughts??

private readonly List<Session> _sessionList = new();


@Self updated Asia/Europe/US Market Hours:  07 Jun 2023, 23:01

ricky - this is EXACTLY what i'm going to do with this indicator. I found a neat strategy definition that will fit this perfectly..


@Perfect Grid - 5 Years Backtest +750%:  07 Jun 2023, 12:07

hi logictrader. I feel you're going to have to produce more compelling details and also offer up a trial version to entice buyers. as it stands, it would be quite a push for anyone to invest $5k in a cBot without having run it on their own system and without having seen sight of the required parameters or any Trade Statistics.

just my humble 2c


@(Fx4U) GBPUSD - high profit-400%/year:  02 Jun 2023, 13:59

Hi there - very good results when running similar backtests on ICM. However - everything seems to go off when we run from feb 2023 - jun 2023. did something occur in the market over these months that the bot is unable to deal with??

It's such a shame as I had very strong feelings about this one - maybe a future version will address whatever anomaly is occurring since Feb 2023.. anyway, thanks again for this bot, otherwise works fine on the historic data you modelled it on - really appreciate the effort!!

@Wildhog 5x indicator:  29 May 2023, 15:55

i'm just trying to think about adding either a Fractals or a Divergence indicator for confirmation/confluence. again - WIP!!

@Wildhog 5x indicator:  29 May 2023, 13:07

whao - this indicator literally wraps up a lot of the insights that i've been trying to *capture* regards supply and demand zones. or rather should i say, this targets those zones in a completely diffetent way without having to map out the zones. i think this has huge potential to provide high quality entry/exits based on your descriptions.

will let you know how it goes... thanks for sharing

@kNN-Based Market Prediction Indicator:  23 May 2023, 17:47

is the ClickAlgo trial version available yet?? would like to give this a run thro!! 

@Update: SuperBot - Gain 100% per Year.:  23 May 2023, 16:55

yes, i made that mistake early on and found that switching to raw tick data required a pretty major revision on my optimisations and to an extent, my logic!! just be aware.

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@Ctrader make me pay 10 x swap than usually:  23 May 2023, 16:52

lindawati92sufi said:

i buy 0.2 lot eur/usd at 18th and closed it in 19th today
i should pay swap 1.5usd not 15usd

apologies if this was explained in the post with your other alias, but it would appear that this was an issue at the broker end and all affected trades were reversed.

much as this is painful at the time, i've found that these issues are usually a glitch on the broker side and are usually resolved within a small timeframe.

@Understanding the name of the indicator in the IndicatorAreas:  23 May 2023, 16:20

meeting.chegini said:

firemyst said:

meeting.chegini said:

Dear friend, do you want to teach me how to split the nucleus of an atom?

This is a simple question! If you know the solution, please guide me

How to split the nucleus of an atom: there's plenty of "how to's" on Google and YouTube already on how to do it.

Guiding you on this issue - I already started. Second post in this thread is how you would start going about doing it through C# code. If you're not trying by writing any code, I'm not writing code for you. Best way to learn is to do it on your own.

If you're just looking at the chart and wondering where they are on the chart, then look for the indicator name on the chart:

If the name of the indicator isn't on your chart, then put it there by choosing to display "Indicator Titles":

I wanted to find out through C# what oscillators are placed on the chart, but I couldn't find a solution. And I think there is no way
And I respect your wrong way of thinking.
Good luck.

You seem to be under the illusion that firemyst is one of your employees. I suggest you adopt a better bedside manner. Thereafter, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the number of folk that  that will be willing to help out with any issues you have. Until then - business as usual.

FWIW - this was the extended approach that firemyst was alluding to:

foreach (var indicatorArea in Chart.IndicatorAreas)
    foreach (var indicator in indicatorArea.Objects)
        Print($"Indicator => Area: {indicatorArea.GetType().Name} Name: {indicator.Name}");

Whilst it is frustrating to not be presented with the answer that you WANT, sometimes you just have to be grateful that folk have taken the time to point you in the right direction.

@Creating a single super-platform:  22 May 2023, 10:57

While I understand your motivation, I think there are definitely many issues in this thinking:

1. The skillset required for desktop (c++/c#) will differ from the web front end (probably using React)

2. A single codebase would be unable to target both platforms, so you'd still effectively require two teams/sets of code

3. The actual mechanics of rolling out code and testing are very different between desktop and web based

4. A feature may be super easy to deliver in one platform but not in the other. so you have conflicts on whether to include that feature

This is just the very top level few that occurred to me. I think we all do have a tendency to underestimate the challenges in keeping platform targets in sync. There is definitely a case for having as many common functions present in both platforms, and I'm sure the product lead will be juggling these priorities as we speak ;)

Let's see how well my contribution on this AGES as cTrader continues to evolve - lol

@Walk-Forward testing for cBots/cTrader automate:  19 May 2023, 11:01

lisandronahuelhillebrand said:

Yes, I am aware of your proposal and I up-voted it. I just wanted to put it again to raise attention at Spotware. Thanks for your comment.

jim.tollan said:

lisandronahuelhillebrand said:

Is it possible to program a cBot/system to do walk-forward testing for algos on cTrader? Or is Spotware considering adding this feature to the platform in the near future?

yes, i weirdly proposed an approach for this in this thread:

it's definitely a must have in my opinion. might be worth upvoting that thread also, plus adding some further commentary..

yup -i agree it's well worth keeping it in the spotlight. That said, i have a feeling that not many folk have explored the topic nor realised the advantages of such a feature. This is demonstrated by the low upvote count on the proposal. Of course, it could be that this type of feature has no appeal for the wider audience - hence the lowish upvote count.

I believe our friend The Nomad Trader has also cottoned on to the huge benefits of this and explains in laypersons terms the key benefits: 

@Walk-Forward testing for cBots/cTrader automate:  18 May 2023, 14:32

lisandronahuelhillebrand said:

Is it possible to program a cBot/system to do walk-forward testing for algos on cTrader? Or is Spotware considering adding this feature to the platform in the near future?

yes, i weirdly proposed an approach for this in this thread:

it's definitely a must have in my opinion. might be worth upvoting that thread also, plus adding some further commentary..

@Fractals (Indicator) - using multiple timeframes:  16 May 2023, 13:27

firemyst said:

That is one thing that is soooooooooooooooooo annoying with the API's Spotware created as they're not consistent across indicators.

I wrote my own multi time frame fractal indicator. Basically, I did it by getting the bars data series time frame I wanted, and then doing the calculations (eg, looking for the midpoint between x number of bars, making sure "x" is an odd number).

Is this something that you'd be willing to share?? I'm not so interested in a visual indicator,. I'm more interested in using the data generated from the multiple instances... You of course kindly point out an approach, but it would be nice to have (even a cut down) version of the code if that wasn't giving away any IP.



@Fractals (Indicator) - using multiple timeframes:  15 May 2023, 17:42

Hello traders...

Got a quick question. I have a fair amount of experience with cAlgo and I'm creating a new Robot and would like to be able to use the Fractals indicator against a number of timeframes simultaneously.

However, the Fractals Indicator appears to be an abstract class implementation that only takes a single parameter of period. This therefore would indicate that any results from the base.Indicator.Fractal(period) will only be based on the current timeframe.

In my scenario, I'd like to do something like the following:

// get H1 and H4 timeframe bars
_h1Bars = MarketData.GetBars(TimeFrame.Hour);
_h4Bars = MarketData.GetBars(TimeFrame.Hour4);

// Check for fractals on H1 and H4 timeframe
Fractals fractalH1 = base.Indicators.Fractals(_h1Bars, 5);
Fractals fractalH4 = base.Indicators.Fractals(_h4Bars, 5);

I'd then like to make a number of comparisons on these as well as a few other values, i.e.

if (fractalH1 != null && fractalH1.UpFractal.LastValue > _h1Bars.LastBar.Close
    && fractalH4 != null && fractalH4.UpFractal.LastValue > _h4Bars.LastBar.Close)
    // do something

However, I cannot see an override on the Fractals indicator that will allow me to create a pair of Fractals indicators assigned to different timeframes.

I must be missing something REALLY obvious, but can't fathom it out. Any pointers appreciated.

All the best


[edit] - i did find this, which has a code section which serves up multi timeframe fractals, but wondered if there was something inbuilt: 

@Enable "offline" Backtesting:  04 May 2023, 12:58

davidmwabuka said:

please add this funtionality, to store download tickdata and backtes

you click on the thumbs-up on the original post..;)

@Backtest with forward testing:  04 May 2023, 12:47

OMG - I literally navigated to the suggestions section to suggest this very idea.

Here's how i see it working:

1. Define the DateRange of the optimisation run

2. Define a sliding window (percentage) of which data is used for the backtest and which data is used for forward testing - i.e. 80/20, 90/10 etc

Having a combined *window* on the data that accommodated backtesting with out of sample data would truly be a gamechanger.


FYI - I currently do this in a number of ways:

1. Select a daterange (say 01/01/2017-01/05/2023)

2. Set the Optimization daterange from 01/01/2017-30/04/2022

3. set the Backtest daterange to 01/05/2022-01/05/2023

4. Run the optimisation

5. From the optimisation, select the candidate set and apply it to the backtest window

6. rinse and repeat


It's quite cumbersome, but works. Combining this behaviour into the optimisation window would be amazing and offer huge insights.

Hope you get the gist. Still revelling at the weirdness of the timing of this request

@Transparency of text boxes:  20 Apr 2023, 12:03

Hello there - would this not work:

            var profitPanel = new StackPanel
                HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Left,
                VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Bottom,
                BackgroundColor = Color.Black,
                Opacity = 25,
                Margin = 5

looks like the Opacity property would fit the bill... (?)

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