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Sure, we can talk and you can contact me if you have any questions.

Berserker Capital.

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paid  26 Mar 2023
This code was created by Berserker Capital This cBot is a directional logarithmic Scanner based on the bullish and bearish trends of institutionalized traders (bankers and the government) and it is to be applied on scalping. LEGAL WARNING: use it at your own risk. The changes without prior notice of this algorithm will be caused by the addition of variables indexed on multiple temporalities, since this work is focused on controlling and predicting time, volume and the direction of tendencies. If you want to copy or modify my work, I’d appreciate you share it with me and maybe, together we´ll go far. Berserker Capital is here to change Trading, follow me and participate. If you require the complete code the price is three digits: contact me and I will give you the PayPal link: