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@Impulse MACD:  27 Mar 2023, 08:15

I'll have a look.

In my normal colour scheme for other indicators Strengthening are the darker colours, while Weakening are the lighter colours. My naming convention here may be wrong as LazyBear treats them differently, but the output colors should be as the tradingview version.

The LazyBear code is : mdc=src>mi?src>hi?lime:green:src<lo?red:orange

which should correspond to (WeakUp, StrongUp, StrongDown, WeakDown) above.

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@Impulse MACD:  27 Mar 2023, 10:40

firemyst said:

jani said:

Anyone interested in cTrader version of Impuse MACD can contact me at Telegram: @Fibonacci2011 

Of they can just search the archive of indicators others have developed and download for free at their convenience:

Firemyst - I updated the Impulse MACD with your suggestion. Lazy Bear does not name his outputs (they are simply colour coded) but your suggestion is entirely reasonable.

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Impulse MACD
free  27 Mar 2023
This is an implementation of the Impulse MACD - in particular the Lazy Bear variant with its colour scheme and additional MACD signal. Buy and sell signals can be taken when the coloured histograms are further from zero than the signal line.     Revision 1  (27th March 2023) - Lazy Bear does not name his outputs (they are simply colour coded), but it has been pointed out that the Strong Up Trend and Weak Up Trend outputs may be named incorrectly.   These two outputs have had their Lines names swapped (Lime = "Strong Up Trend", Green = "Weak Up Trend").   This change does not change any other features - the histogram remains the same, as does the displayed colours and the signal line and its histogram.
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