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by Magnor
paid  14 Mar 2023
AnnA is a robust bot that was created with the assistance of an AI to trade even the most volatile market conditions to return a profit. AnnA uses math, market data, the right indicators along with current market conditions to execute trades. AnnA was created specifically to trade XAU/USD but can be modified to trade various symbols including stocks, crypto, commodities etc. Anna is fully configured to trade a 10k account , your only tasks are as follows ; download and install AnnA,  select the XAU/USD 1 min chart, ensure that the account is funded with 10k,  initial quantity is set to1 lot and click play. The option to trade on a 1 min versus 4hr chart produces significantly different result. The 1min adds a greater exposure risk but more than doubles the ROI of the safer 4hr chart see results of carts below of Jan to Dec .2022 AnnA can also be modified to trade mini and micro lots.  Trading on 1hr chart from Jan-Dec 2022   Trading 1min chart from Jan-Dec.2022