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@Parent / Child Processes?:  20 Mar 2023, 10:19


Understood. Because in reality it was my real trade with another broker and they justified my "losses" by saying that the system prioritized the order opening first before cutting my stop loss. So both my orders slipped but my BUY STOP order executed and opened at e.g. 129 (and closed at the relative TP) while the SL closed at 129.3 (next best available price) even though it was triggered first. So I wanted to know if ctrader was the same.

Logically you would think it would close at 129 first then open the order at 129.3 and then close at the relative TP. 

@Parent / Child Processes?:  20 Mar 2023, 05:22


If I submitted a Sell Stop Order at 128.445 USDJPY (with Stop loss 10 pips @ 128.545) and a Buy Stop Order @ 128.67 on either side of the market price before a news release and the Sell Stop Order was triggered and executed just before the news release. On news release, the price jumped to 129.05 in 1 tick triggering both the Sell Stop Stop Loss and Buy Stop Order. Would the Buy Stop Order be treated as a "parent order" / 1st step process and be executed first or given priority over the SL ("child process"? or 2nd step order?) even though the Buy Stop Order was trigger LATER? OR will the system try to execute the SL first before filling the Buy Stop order?

@Stop Loss Cancelled by ctrader?:  17 Mar 2023, 09:31

Current Bid Price meaning the Current MARKET bid price? Because that's what I mean by the next best bid price. 

The BUY order was triggered by the ASK price and in applying the SL, if the next best bid price (that is immediately available from the market, that is what you are calling the CURRENT bid price right?) is below the SL, then the SL will be ignored and not applied?


PanagiotisChar said:

Hi rob.email8,

The stop loss will be triggered and the order will be closed. The SL is ignored only when the current bid price is below the SL.

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@Stop Loss Cancelled by ctrader?:  17 Mar 2023, 01:26


If I have a BUY STOP LIMIT order in ctrader (web) at e.g. 134.381 USDJPY and a 2 pip SL. and the order triggers at 134.381 (theoretically SL is at 134.361) but the next best bid price is 134.341 (lower than the "stop loss" of 134.361). Would the STOP LIMIT order be executed with without a stop loss or would the stop loss be triggered and the order closed?

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