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@Last Candle Open and Close?:  17 Mar 2023, 17:27

PanagiotisChar said:

Hi there,


double lastCandleOpen = Bars.OpenPrices.Last(0);
double lastCandleClose = Bars.ClosePrices.Last(0);

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Thanks for the response. I have tried Last(0), Last(1), Last(2) and Last(3). It doesnt change the values for me. The values i get are for the close of the previous candle and the open of the current candle.

@Last Candle Open and Close?:  17 Mar 2023, 15:52

Hi everyone, 

i'm very new to cAlgo, i'm trying to call the Open and Close values  for the candle previous to the current candle on the chart
I have tried many different values and combinations of values for Last but it makes no difference

any help would be greatly appreciated

double lastCandleOpen = Bars.OpenPrices.Last(1);
double lastCandleClose = Bars.ClosePrices.Last(1);
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