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@What’s New in cTrader Desktop 4.7:  13 Apr 2023, 15:34

Spotware said:

cTrader Desktop 4.7 Offers Market Replay, Internet Access for Algos, and Other Features for Automate API

The cTrader Desktop 4.7 release delivers several fundamental features to our growing audience of traders and algo developers. With Market Replay, users can test their trading approaches based on historical data and without the risk of losing real funds. The cTrader Automate API now benefits from full internet access, the ChartShot method, built-in sounds for notifications in cBots and custom indicators, and the Help Center integrated into the app.

Download cTrader Desktop 4.7

Try Market Replay

With Market Replay, users can test their trading ideas and approaches based on historical tick data. Traders can increase and decrease the playback speed. This not only allows traders to test out new approaches, but also serves as an educational tool for beginners.

Find out more in our Help Center.

Get Full Internet Access for Your Algorithms

We have added specialised API methods for algorithms allowing them to go online without `AccessRights.FullAccess`. Algorithms can communicate with external services through JSON or HTML without compromising users' PCs.

Find out more in our Help Center.

Take ChartShots Automatically

You asked for it… we’ve done it! Due to the TakeChartshot() method, algorithms can take ChartShots of the current chart. They can be saved and used for additional protocoling of cBot actions.

Find out more in our Help Center.

Access Our Help Center in the Automate app

Guides, videos, and articles from the Help Center are now available in the right column next to the code editor window. Find all reference information staying on the platform: no need to google.

Use Built-in Sounds

From now on algo developers can use 5 built-in sounds in Automate API for adding sound notifications in their cBots and custom indicators.

Use Currency Conversion Overloads

We have implemented two new overloads for more convenient currency conversion. You can now receive accurate conversion rates even if you pass arguments of two different types (`Asset` and `String`) into the Convert() method.

Experience Compact Indicator Panels on Charts

To satisfy users’ requests, we have made the indicator panels on charts more compact. Now, there is more space for the chart itself. 

Download cTrader Desktop 4.7

After detaching some charts from the main Desktop the buttons on the top of charts like Find indicators, Find cBots don't respond. Please solve this problem.

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