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@Setting a default lot size:  07 Jun 2023, 13:44

Please cTrader community. Upvote this request.

We need to be able to set a default lot size, or at least, it should default to the minimum lot size.

When we open a new chart for a forex pair, the minimum lot size is 0.01, but the chart defaults to 1.00 full lot, and this will cause accidental overleveraged trades.

@Default lot size on opening a window:  07 Jun 2023, 12:03

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi coship00,

At the moment default position size is the minimum position size.

Best Regards,


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This is false, the default position size is 1 full lot, when the minimum is 0.01

This is another way brokers are making easy money, as every now and then retail traders will accidentally hit the button without adjusting lot size on a new chart. 

We can't forget that brokers are the ones who pay cTrader, and not actual traders, so all this is designed on purpose.

You will not have an easy way to set the default lot size

You will be able to take partial profits, but you cannot partially cut your position when trade is against you, you have to keep monitoring charts.

What an industry

@Stop loss advanced:  05 Jun 2023, 17:51

yeshuAguia5207418 said:

My suggestion is, in addition to Take profit advanced, where it is possible to make partial profits. Also put the stop loss advanced, to be able to make partial losses, decrease the lots when you lose too.

Totaly agree, I honestly dont understand why there is advanced TP management, but not advanced SL management. It's very important to reduce risk, once a trade goes against you; and a real headache to keep watching charts or setting alarms, in stead of having an automatic option.

@Market Replay is great, BUT....:  30 May 2023, 18:41

Let me add in market replay, altough it's a very nice addition, we need:

  • Direct keyboard Keys to pause/play and to show Next bar.
  • Option to restart the simulation
  • Ideally, option to go back in time, canceling all trades affected by the rewind
  • Most important, we need to be able to switch between timeframes.

@What’s New in cTrader Desktop 4.7:  26 Apr 2023, 15:02

Spotware said:

Try Market Replay

With Market Replay, users can test their trading ideas and approaches based on historical tick data. Traders can increase and decrease the playback speed. This not only allows traders to test out new approaches, but also serves as an educational tool for beginners.

Honestly, Market replay is USELESS if we don't have the option to switch between timeframes.

I really don't understand why you guys haven't been able to enable this, first in the backtesting tool and now in market replay, when having tick or 1 minute data, the only thing you need to do is to construct the higher time frames using the same data.

Any serious trader, does a multi-timeframe analysis when using a manual trading strategy. 

I was waiting so long for Market replay, and very excited when it was released. Just to later see you guys have only implemented a copy of the backtesting tool, and added a few buttons. Sad! So upseting!

Hope timeframe switching for Backtesting/Markey Replay is somewhere in your near pipeline.

BR. Back to MT4 Simulations.

@Display current Spread in the chart:  13 Apr 2023, 23:54

This is a MUST.

In my opinion, it should be added in between the Buy/Sell buttons of QuickTrade. I'm really missing this piece in the WEB version :(

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