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@Microsoft.ML in a cBot:  27 May 2023, 14:44

I tried a simple hello cBot, just using ML library. So this one, I am able to build in Visual Studio but not in cTrader, it says build failed. So maybe that's what I need to do, build in Visual Studio and then run in cTrader

@Microsoft.ML in a cBot:  25 May 2023, 20:09

Thanks for your response.

Now I did select sdk 7 in 'Select Compiler'  as on my computer I have dotnet-sdk-7.0.203 installed.

Though I still have error but now error is:

The type or namepsace name 'ML' doesn't exist in namespace 'Microsoft'

@Microsoft.ML in a cBot:  22 May 2023, 21:05

PanagiotisChar said:

Hi there,

Did you install the package from NuGet?

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I did install it into cbot folder where the project file is (.csproj) and it was installed successfully. command used to install:

 dotnet add package Microsoft.ML

However, on cBot build, I get the following error:

Eror CT0201: Pachake "Microsoft.ML" is not supported.

@Microsoft.ML in a cBot:  21 May 2023, 20:13

Is it possible to use Microsoft.ML in a cBot?

At the moment when tried following, it didn't recognize it.

using Microsoft.ML;

Any idea how can I use ML package in a cBot?

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