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@The openapi-proto-messages repository is outdated?:  31 May 2023, 20:01

Using the ProtoOAPayloadType_PROTO_OA_VERSION_REQ message I got a response 85. I suppose this is the tag from the openapi-proto-messages repository right? If so why these tags are not released yet given that the proto files are how we communicate with the API?

@What is the correct endpoint to connect to the API?:  27 May 2023, 11:04

The documentation was updated, everything is working as expected now.

@What is the correct endpoint to connect to the API?:  26 May 2023, 11:15

The official documentation informs that the endpoints used to connect to the API are demo1.p.ctrader.com:5034 and demo1.p.ctrader.com:5034. I can't connect on those endpoints, but changing the port to 5035 I'm able to connect. Then there is a second problem with the certificates. I had to disable the verification otherwise I would get this error tls: failed to verify certificate: x509: certificate is valid for *.spotware.com, spotware.com, not demo2.p.ctrader.com.

So I just want to confirm two things:

  • Is the documentation wrong saying to use port 5034 instead of 5035?
  • Is demo1.p.ctrader.com:5035 the correct endpoint? I've seen libraries using demo.ctrader.com:5035
  • Is Spotware aware of the SSL problem?
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