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@Problem saving lines drawn using the drawing tools:  29 May 2023, 20:59

in the screenshot below, Text boxes did not deleted. but when you zoom in the chart you can see those. otherwise, you can see only Clear box ( shadows of box) ! 

text boxes are hidden with you change time frame !

After a few hours, when the chart is refreshed, there is no trace of the lines. I have saved this chart as a template before. When I call the template, there is no trace of lines. too.

all lines and text boxes were deleted.


@Problem saving lines drawn using the drawing tools:  26 May 2023, 11:17

Since I installed the update version 4.7.9, I encountered this big problem that the lines I draw using cTrader's drawing tool, even after saving the template, suddenly, after some time, are completely deleted. This problem is especially visible when I draw support and resistance levels. Please check the issue and solve it.

Thanks, and kind Regards.

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