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Risk & Money Management ( RMM ) is the primary goal. Protecting the trading account with sound and proved risk management principles that will guard the trader's invested money in the market place.

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kricka · 10 years ago
Excellent documentation! I wish everybody who post indicators or robots will give a full description. Good work!
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kricka · 10 years ago
Hi, thanks for the the indicator, very useful indeed! I have a minor suggestion to maybe even make it better, if you don,t mind. Can you make a count down of hours and minutes left until the different markets open? Based on the computer's local time. For example: London 4.07PM ( 3.45 ).

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kricka · 10 years ago

Hi guys,

Naeem, of course you're totally right that a winning machine does not exist that produce 100% accuracy to profit. 

TradingDeveloper is not asking for that, he's asking for a backtest to show that kind of return, which of cource is no guarentee it'll give that in the future.

Its better to have a low expectansy of the return and be more safe with proper risk & money management rules as the backbone in the robot.

By asking for a drawdown of max 15% he's on the right track but asking for that kind of return compared to the drawdown is proberly not possible.

The spread can't be as low as 0-2 neither, maybe 3-5 would be more close to reality.