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@*** FractalBreak Indicator (bot avail.):  12 Jul 2020, 05:52

Pretty cool. Try, when a fractal breaks, for eg. a bullish fractal breaks.. then it sometimes (usually) pulls back, creating another bullish fractal, enter short on completion of that fractal. sl behind previous bearish fractal.

@Fractals TF:  04 Jun 2020, 06:20

This doesnt work right fyi. It shows me a fractal exists when it doesnt.
on 15min using 1hr fractals it shows a fractal. switch to 1hr, no fractal.

@Fractals:  15 Oct 2019, 19:38

Does this indicator repaint? because it is printing the dot before the 5th candle has closed if all other criteria is met..

@Position size for balance's % risk:  08 Aug 2019, 01:17

Do you have a version that does this using volume (unit size) instead ot lot size. Thanks

@Double EMA with Position Size Calculator:  08 Aug 2019, 01:07

Any chance you can make just the position size calculator but with units instead of lots? Also would like to be able to put it on the right top corner, instead of left top corner? :) Thanks

@Custom Bid and Ask Lines:  31 May 2019, 19:01

Is this no longer available? Also I just updated my ctrader and the copy I had of this indicator is no longer working.. Any suggestions?

@Hull Forcast:  01 Mar 2019, 22:01

Perhaps you could try incorporating this pop up alert window into the current notification. It also has telegram option in settings so it can be used as a great tool for receiving alerts on mobile. If you could possinly make this happen, I would be just ecstatic lol.

@Hull Forcast:  01 Mar 2019, 20:09

Hey sorry I was wrong, I was able to get the notification to play a sound once I added a sound file to it. So that was a success! The sound notification is only helpful for when at the desk though.. and If you have multiple charts it can be timely to go look at which chart sounded the notification. I am wondering, is there any way to add a pop up alert to this indicator, (same alert - upon dot color change) maybe one that can also send to mobile, maybe via telegram or something.. Thanks a lot for this great indicator.

@Custom Bid and Ask Lines:  22 Feb 2019, 04:26

is this no longer available? It wont let me click on the box to download ?? just trying to get my 2nd pc up and running with same goods as on my main pc, my cTrader is equipped with this beautiful tool already, but seems i cant download it on my 2nd pc for some reason... Any idea as to why this might be? Thanks 

@Hull Forcast:  21 Feb 2019, 19:22

eh bro, havent been able to recieve any notifications upon new dot color change, Are you able to get it to work?

@Hull Forcast:  18 Feb 2019, 04:06

Hi, i turned the Play Notification setting to Yes, but I can't seem to get any alerts upon new dot color change.. Any idea as to why that might be? Thanks a lot.

@Hull Forcast:  08 Feb 2019, 16:06

*sigh* It seems I'm much worse than you when it comes to responding here lol. Apologies man, I greatly appreciate the reply and the effort for updating a version with notifications! You're the GOAT

@Hull Forcast:  31 Dec 2018, 13:21

Please? lol ^^

@Hull Forcast:  24 Dec 2018, 10:08

Hi there, Great tool! Do you have any way to alert when a new dot has changed color? Thank you.

Last Forum Posts

@Move SL to breakeven:  23 Mar 2023, 13:28

Why does the amazing cTrader lack something so basic?

@On Close Alert.:  18 Mar 2023, 05:39

Currently price alerts can notify when bid/ask is higher/lower or equal to set price, I would like to have price alerts be able to notify when bid/ask closes higher/lower or equal to set price.
That would be really great.

@What's New in cTrader Desktop 4.6:  26 Jan 2023, 06:40

Backtesting on renko charts! Amazing :) Thanks!

@Fix Fractals Indicator:  18 Aug 2022, 02:53

If you are going to have a native indicator such as fractals, it should not need to be refreshed every time a signal is void to remove it from the chart. I was ok with this from 3rd party custom indicator, but definitely unacceptable from a default indicator that is standard on the platform, especially when every other platform that offers such fractals indicator has it correct.

@Stop Limit Order limit range:  23 Oct 2021, 04:51

If possible, add another range input that could be set for cancelling the order, while still using the Limit Range for filling of the order.
Also, is it possible to keep the Limit Range of the stop limit order from changing to 0 when a order is modified.

@fix ctrader:  13 Mar 2021, 04:18

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi matt92,

Can you provide steps to reproduce your problem?

Best Regards,


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Thanks. Happened again :( not sure what happens, I save the workspace, and i think my poor internet connection cuts out sometimes and ctrader reconnects at some point I lose my drawings.. not too sure.

@Minimum account balance to follow strategies:  17 Feb 2021, 19:48

The min. is $100.. pretty sure on cmirror there was no min. or it could be adjusted lower than $100? I could be wrong. It would be nice if we could lower it.
When a strategy is being followed, but then the account drops below $100, the user is still following the strategy, correct?

@fix ctrader:  15 Feb 2021, 09:20

I cant count how many times I have lost drawings on my saved workspaces its ridiculous. Having to redraw lines is tedious as you can imagine. I do not understand why this would ever happen, does it happen to anyone else? I can't be alone here.

@Save drawings when Saving Template.:  11 Nov 2020, 03:57

I have a chart with drawings (many trend lines/vertical lines and text) on one workspace A, and another chart with drawings on another workspace B, If I save the template no drawings are saved, so when I open up the chart that was on workspace B, on workspace A and load the template none of my drawings are there. So there is no way to have workspace B chart with the drawings on workspace A, I have to re draw everything.. bummer. Because even if am in either workspace, and then save a new one, only one chart will be in the new workspace C. You can't get 2 charts on there, each from a different workspace, only one.

@hide account info in menu bar:  14 Oct 2020, 05:57

Not talking about the hide accounts feature already there. I am referring to the open account in use, there is no way to hide the accounts # and balance tab at the top of the platform beside the workspace name..

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