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jaredthirsk · 6 years ago

This bot looks incredibly dangerous if you don't know what you're doing (but then I guess all of forex is if you don't know.)  It's sad to see someone lost their account here.

Looks like a martingale style keep increasing risk until you win, but if you keep risking until you run out of equity, you are doomed.


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jaredthirsk · 7 years ago

marekfx, I created an indicator derived on this.  May I post it and keep your copyright notice and add my own copyright notice? (I will make my additions CC0 license.)

My indicator:

  • overlay by default
  • option to inverse (very useful for gold and silver)
  • Current USDX pinned to current gold price; scroll back to see relative bullishness/bearishness of current symbol.
  • configurable amplitude magnification.  Uses exponent.  1.9 seems to match XAUUSD very closely.

Kitco has their "Did gold really go up $x.xx?", now I have my own indicator.  I was shocked how closely the price action follows the USDX most of the time.