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  • @Robot for Trend and Range periods: during the optimization some days that have spikes, big spikes, let's the optimization process to learn where are the spikes because in that days you earn more. But that spikes don't return in the futures..... so all parameters are calculates only to get the spikes...  for a good optimization need clean data... the best is clean the data knowing the history of exceptional facts  
  • @Robot for Trend and Range periods:             skipdate = new List<DateTime>();             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 1, 11));             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 6, 26));             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 7, 19));             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 8, 3));             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 8, 24));             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 9, 19));             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 10, 25));             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2018, 1, 12));             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2018, 1, 25));             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2018, 2, 14));             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2018, 2, 15));             //not over             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2018, 2, 16));             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2018, 6, 13));             skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2019, 1, 2)); This are the days that i skip in the first version of robot for EURUSD..... For the robot without without source code this can be a real problem because you dont know if you buy a robot with the pair history inside..... so in backtesting and optimization this robots can win many trade only because they have the history of the pair inside and when you use the trading system on real market the robot will fail....
  • @Robot for Trend and Range periods: In the first version of the robot, the robot win easy trade in that days. So I try to skip that days in the optimization to make a better optimization. In the source code, now, is disable. So all the days are used. If you want you can check that days and you will see that in that days there is strange volatility.
  • @Cbot for Trend and Range periods: This optimization work no so bad :)   [ChartParameters] Symbol = EURUSD Timeframe = m1 [cBotParameters] RsiPeriods = 9 AdxPeriods = 30 Quantity = 0.5 QuantityRatio = 1.3 StopLoss = 50 TakeProfit = 40 RsiBuy = 32 RsiBand = 10 RsiSell = 72 NormalPips = 2 ReversePips = -0.2 RatioBreakout = 1 RatioSLTP = -0.6 ReverseRatio = 1.5 ADXthreshold = 30 FromHour = 3 ToHour = 15 AdxSkip = 10 StopLossSpan = 15 MaxPositions = 4 RangeMin = 0.1 RangeMax = 0.7
  • @Cbot for Trend and Range periods: Have you some ideas for an improvement?


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Cbot for automatic trading with many indicators .... optimize your cbot with this parameters .... with FULL SOURCE CODE //---------------------------- I HAVE DEVELOP OTHERS POWERFULL TRADING SYSTEMS IF YOU WANT COLLABORATE TO FIND BETTER STRATEGIES YOU CAN CONTACT ME amerigo.stevani @ yahoo.com AND I HAVE ALSO THE SAME TRADING SYSTEM VERSION WITH HEDGING.... //---------------------------- below some optimizations Normal PIPS 0; 6 Reverse PIPS -0.2; 6 Ratio Breakout 0; 1 Ratio SLTP 0; 1 Reverse Ratio 0.5; 2 Adx Skip Range:   5; 20 Max Position 1; 5 Quantity Ratio :  is a Ratio Factor for volume when there is also the stocastic signal //---------------------------- Min Range, Max Range.... try in backtesting in the log there is write avg sigma.... Min Range avg-sigma.   Max Range avg+sigma For others parameters use this defaults   five minute ottimization on 2017-2018 eurusd      Optimization Lot 1 eurusd 1M 2017-2019 .....   Example with start balance 1000€ and trading with 0.5 lot in 2 years from 1/1/2017 to 31/12/2018 2450% profit... starting from 1000€ ending with 25496.58€   
14 Apr 2019