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  • @Fractals with lines.: Sorry @Mario, I haven't been receiving notifications of comments in this page. For your question amazing stuff.. is there however a way to get the last 2 fractals from the same side in a programmable way (like as a vlaue (index number) ?  Yes there is. You can use the function getPreviousOfSameSide() Fractal lastFractal = fractalService.lastFractal; Fractal prevFractal1 = lastFractal.getPreviousOfSameSide() Fractal prevFractal2 = prevFractal1.getPreviousOfSameSide()
  • @Fractals with lines.: w.b.z feel free to use it as you wish. Consider it under MIT license.
  • @Fractals with lines.: Have you set the path to the sound file? Does the file really exist? Which format is it? .wav?
  • @Fractals with lines.: I have just added support for sound and email notifications Astroke
  • @Fractals with lines.: Thanks limeline13, I've added support for changing the tickness and color of lines.   Best, Douglas.


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Display fractals in your chart: Shows arrows indicating if the fractal is a higher high, higher low, lower high or lower low Show lines connecting highs Show lines connecting lows Show lines connecting highs and lows Play notification sounds Send email notifications   To add notification sounds, set in the configuration the path to the sound file, i.e.:  C:\Windows\Media\notification.wav To receive email notifications you neet to configure your email notification settings in cTrader (see https://help.spotware.com/calgo/cbots/email-notifications)   Do you want to contribute? Send a pull request on https://gitlab.com/douglascvas/FullFractal ---------------------- v 1.4: Added notification sounds Added email notification ---------------------- v 1.3: Fixed bug that would mark every new fractal as bad fractal ---------------------- v 1.2: Added support for choosing line colors Added circles to highlight fractals (with option to turn off) Changed symbol used to highlight bad fractals Due to technical limitations on the cTrader platform, it is not possible to choose which color to apply to the circles and arrows.   // ************************************************** Tips for developers:  You can add FullFractal indicator as reference to your project (Robot or Indicator)  by clicking in "Manage References" in cAlgo, and use the FractalService class to have the fractals being processed in your application: FractalService fractalService = new FractalService(MarketSeries, period); fractalService.onFractal(handler); where handler is a method with following signature: private void handler(FractalEvent fractalEvent) The handler will be called whenever you have a new fractal. In order to process the bars, you need to call  fractalService.processIndex(index) at each new bar. Example: public override void Calculate(int index) { // index - 1 because index is not yet closed fractalService.processIndex(index - 1); }
23 Dec 2018
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