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  • @cBot - Engulfing - 100% automatic: ...and exact this is an illusion. It is not possible, only on backtests because people tend to overbacktest. 100% automatic trading it is not possible. It could be done only with nueral networks using a model of millions and millions of nodes... and this will need the proccessor power of all proccessor worldwide and it will be not enough :) 
  • @cBot - Engulfing - 100% automatic: 100% automatic it is not possible, only if you are ok with 10% profit per year. There is not such a thing like 100% automatic. Bots are like the auto pilot on a plane, if can't fly manually, you will not even be able to setup the autopilot.


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TRENDPILOT is a quantitative forex trading robot. It is a swiss army knife for all trend following forex trader.  It is a simple “trend following” strategy based on the very basic indicators and price action trading principals. Indicators used: Fast Simple Moving Average Slow Simple Moving Average Relative Strength Index Average True Range Stochastics MACD Line It is built to run on 1-hour timeframe, you may set it up and optimize it to run on other timeframes.  Download Demo Version: https://sifneosFX.com
08 Aug 2019