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  Name: Price Prediction Year of release: 2019 Version: 1.0.1 Currency Pairs: Any Timeframe: Any. Trading time: According to the strategy of the advisor on which you pull it Link to video:​ https://youtu.be/5YVEkwh6FhE Link to download: https://csoftware.ml/shop/machine-learning/machine-learning-price-prediction/​ Creation history: I voted on the question of what I need and won the option of creating a neural network to solve machine learning problems applicable to the Forex market. Description: A program based on the latest ML.NET machine learning library for the .NET platform. The main task of the program is to issue a forecast of the HLC points of the nearest candle. The program accepts training data in a file of the form {pair name} -data.csv, divides this file by pressing the "Split" key into a test and training sample in proportion to the specified coefficient "Coef". Performs data normalization, self-learning on the basis of this data and records the most successful model for further use. By pressing the "Start server" button, the program starts listening to the port specified in the settings, the incoming data is used by the saved model to predict the HLC points that are sent as a response to the request. Technical documentation: Not ready yet, but you can ask about technical features in this topic, namely; The structure of the input data file, the structure of the request to the server, the structure of the output response of the server. My interest: The program is currently distributed for free, but it will last only until the release of the release version. Important note: At the moment, the program does not contain any processed exceptions (since I am lazy), therefore if the program simply turns off or crashes with an error, it means that you are doing something wrong. Where to download ?: The program is distributed from my site https://csoftware.ml/shop/machine-learning/machine-learning-price-prediction/ to get access to the program, you need to register on the resource, since the activation key for the copy of the program is generated, just download it is not enough. How to help the project ?: I am conducting a fundraiser for further research on machine learning in the forex market. You can read about development plans as well as contribute to certain bonuses by clicking on https://csoftware.ml/shop/crowdfunding/crowdfunding-ml-research-forex/
26 May 2019