What's New in cTrader Mobile 4.3

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  01 Nov 2021, 11:16
What's New in cTrader Mobile 4.3

Dear Trader, 

We are excited to announce a new update to cTrader Mobile. The new cTrader Mobile 4.3 release opens up multiple new and improved features, including an entirely new layout for iPad and Mac devices, as well as additional QuickTrade button settings and improved Drawings with a context panel for maximum convenience.

New Layout for iPad & Mac

cTrader has now become even more adapted for use on iPad and Mac devices. Featuring an entirely new layout, as well as improved functionality and navigation - it is built for an extra convenient and clear trading experience for our iPad and Mac users.

QuickTrade Button Misclick Protection Settings

QuickTrade has now been improved with additional settings, preventing misclicks by giving you the ability to select a way of QuickTrade activation not solely via the default “Single Tap”, but now also via “Single Tap with confirmation” or “Double Tap”, depending on your personal preference.

Drawings Context Panel

Drawings have now received a context panel. A feature much-needed for enhanced comfort of technical analysis, it allows you to copy the drawing, rotate it, delete or lock the drawing, as well as to open settings of the selected drawing - all directly from the chart.

cTrader Copy Mobile - Multi-Factor Rank Sorting Algorithm

cTrader Copy Mobile has received a brand-new multi-factor rank sorting algorithm, which calculates strategy rank based on a number of factors.

The version also comprises a series of bug fixes and performance improvements.

To try the new features, please download cTrader Mobile 4.3 Beta via Google Play or App Store.

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