cTrader Desktop 4.7.11 Release Notes

Created at 08 Jun 2023, 10:13
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cTrader Desktop 4.7.11 Release Notes
08 Jun 2023, 10:13

Dear traders,

Please find below the release notes for cTrader Desktop 4.7.11

  • The following issues were addressed
    • Several issues in Market Replay.
    • Convert() method returning NaN in Backtesting.
    • Changing backtesting data source not affecting timeframe availability in Optimization parameters.
    • Strategy page on Copy refreshed every time when a cBot was performing actions.
    • MA Type not being applied after loading .opset file.
    • Workspace selector and panels selector at toolbar unavailable when the application is restarted with a detached chart.
    • Pencil Drawings being displayed incorrectly during price scale zooming in.
    • Wrong order of indicator groups on Add Indicator window.
    • Chart not changing when a position is clicked on the detached Positions tab.
    • History not being loaded.
    • Symbol.PipValue returning 0.
    • Decimal separator in number printed on chart not aligned with Windows settings.
    • Wrong info icons in balance line in Automate.
  • The following reported exceptions have been fixed
    • #AF3D7192
    • #F76B6F70
    • #92B93EE9
    • #F42EA8AB
    • #143E1C1D
    • #3AF25FF1
    • #3AE7D1DA
    • #9B3366F7
    • #031FDA53
    • #BA3015C0
    • #4209F139
    • #2CC608D9
    • #B8948FC1
    • #79CDD39E
    • #C63E9FD7
    • #498AC352
    • #E120D629
    • #E120D629
    • #E71202CC
    • #498562
    • "LocalNow is more than cache expired date".
    • "Can't publish response".
    • "Fail to save template".
    • "Unhandled exception in the thread: AutomateArenaThreadDispatcher, ThreadViolationInAutomate".
    • "Can not reload WebView2". 
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations.

Best regards,

cTrader Team