CTrader Security/Bug bounty program

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  29 Sep 2022, 19:49
CTrader Security/Bug bounty program


This is not at all a suggestion but I didn't find a matching category.

I was wondering if Spotware had any kind of bug bounty program ?

I'd like to look for vulnerability, like accessing file system with an Algo with the minimum rights; (in a --obviously-- totally white hat spirit how should I proceed ? Who should I contact if ever I find anything ? If I find something, can I hope for a bounty ?

Thanks in advance for your answers

EDIT: Apparently, forum posts are moderated before being published. I suggest you do not publish it; I sent a mail to support@spotware.com (saying pretty much the same thing). I wouldn't want to give ideas to hackers with malicious intentions.

EDIT2: I'm 93% sure I found a severe vuln (didn't actually try for obvious legal reasons, I always stand in the white side of the hat), alternatively, you can shot a mail at v@lentin.fr