need a coder for a simple cbot

Created at 09 Apr 2014


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I need a coder to  make a cbot for me because I am a total noob when it comes to coding.

I think this cbot will be simple to make because it doesn't contain many indicators, but what do I know?

this cbot will be based on a exponential moving average wich should be able to adjust period manually,

the idea is trade and reverse without stoploss, but however I do want an emmergency stoploss avalible to protect from fast movements,, this should be able to adjust in pips from moving average on chart,, the moving average should be vissible on chart,

further  ADX, as a filter when the cbot will not enter atrade, if adx is on such and such then the cbot do not enter a trade, this one do not need to be vissible, just the number is ok., then RSI will also act as a filter when the bot will trade or not, the cbot should be able to trade on all instruments and timeframes. well thats the whole idea, if you think this would be something that you can create, feel free to contact me, ofcourse I am willing to pay for your time as long as it is a juste price, Im just a beginner trader so Im not rich yet hehe but wit this cbot I hope I will be, I can pay you via paypal

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Serghei · 7 years ago



Would like to develop a project for you


I know languages (C# - S#) - C++, MQL4 and MQL5, JavaScript + Java, I build WebsiteS + updating/supporting/outlook designing, 

plugins, Dll, integration with mt4, EA and indicators , trading panels and copy traders, 

cAlgo conversions and development, Jforex, Ninjatrader, Thinkorswim, Visual panels, design APP, 

Mobile apps, API connection/integration, Market Readers ...etc.


I also hack and decompile EA and Indicators as well as educating your robot with trading strategies and mathematical formulas + Algorithms.


Experienced IT developer and worked for Microsoft,afterwards moved on to Metaquotes and Google cooperation.


Please contact me at Skype: sergieK90


With respect

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moped170574 · 7 years ago

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Alexander Elgin · 9 years ago

Hello there,

I ca help you with this job.

With the best wishes,


cozy66 · 9 years ago

forgot to mention that this cbot also will have money management, if will trade a % of the equity, and it will check so no open trade is on going,

the cbot should only trade 1 trade at the time for tis money management to work, ofcourse I would like to have the option to change what % of account to trade.