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meet2mihir · 3 years ago

Hello Mr. Gorin!

Can you makke cbot based upon KST?

KST histogram= difference between BLUE and GREEN line.

If histogram is greater than X and less than Y = BUY

If histogram is less than A and greater than B = SELL

meet2mihir · 5 years ago

very great cbot... i have loaded it in default setting....

please mention

first colomn is

15 min hi-lo volit = (15 min candles high-low?)  or its for 1 min?

p=4 4 hour atr= (4 hour atr?) or 15 minutes atr--- and atr is of 14 periods?

4 hour Tpips=?

t pips/atr 1 hour=?

t pips/atr 4 hour=?


in short, what each column denotes for.. please help me



meet2mihir · 6 years ago


Nice work.

can u make one edit?

this payback started in martingle mode for buy/sell, and this bot PAUSE making new trades if STANDARD DEVIATION INDICATOR is below 1 pip in 1 minute chart for 5 candles... as the SD above 1 pip, bot starts from where it has paused..

is this possible?


meet2mihir · 6 years ago

can you please help me?

in the sample martingle cBot, it creates trades randomly.

how can i edit that cBot, so, that it creates trades ALTERNATE instead of defaul RANDOM?