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PR · 3 years ago


seems like you r the first guy interest in tick flow here. 
Could u perhaps make:
- zigzag on close showing for each swing tick delta (uptick-downtick), volume, pips, time, cumulative tick delta, cumulative volume. Alerts for divergence via comparing up swings with up swings and vice versa.
- tick delta per bar (highlighting delta divergence on bars)
- cumulative tick delta overlayed on bars (reset each day or possibility to set up start, end point)
- VSA on bars, much better than histogram.
- inside, outside, breakout colouring of bars. Feature to turn on/off
- delta tick market profile, from right to left for certain time windows per day and also composite one attached near y axis for weak, month.

How do I contact you for further discussion?

PR · 3 years ago

Hi, could u add amount tick delta per swing (uptick-downtick), pips per swing, cumulative tick delta into it?
Highlight current swing up, when previous swing up has more pips, less delta per swing than current swing up, vice versa for down swing.

PR · 3 years ago

Hi, @yomm0401 this looks good. I wonder, if u could make something different. The idea is chart line of ratio spread (index1/index2), differential spread or just single instrument overlayed on main graph no scale (full screen).
With these stuff per line:
- label (size of text changeable), user will write the label
- colour, style of line and tickness

PR · 3 years ago

Yes, I use this from now on...

Could u the look back period do individually for each timeframe?
Could u add up/down tick volume profile (daily, weekly) based on the timeframe look back period...

PR · 3 years ago

Hello, nice stuff...
Would u be able to do a VSA?


Mainly I am looking for inside, outside and breakout candles for HLC charts... 3 different colours...

PR · 4 years ago

make it free :D

PR · 4 years ago

or for sessions...

to not have too messy, perhaps those lines for high, low, close could be visible only for a few n-bars back

and also, neccessary to have option to change colour, line thickness and trapnsparency...

Possibility to change labels size!!!

PR · 4 years ago


Can you enhance it a lil bit...
For monthly (M), weekly (W), daily (D)... Current high, low, open... for example: DH, ML, WC...

Previous M, W, D high and low, close... for example: DH-1 or DL-2. DC-1

Labels further evey from last candle, would be better if we could be able to chose placement, so labels dont overlay...

PR · 5 years ago

if you d have 12 charts on display and more, than you would change your mind...

PR · 5 years ago

Looks good, can the colour of candles change rather, than just wasting place on display with histogram?

PR · 5 years ago

could you do that in a bar for those bars where is volume above moving average? or also option for breakout candles...

perhaps just showing signal on candles with certain imbalance between buy/sell tick volume...

I am basically looking for indicator which will show candles with strong volume for bar chart...