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@1H Trend Scalper | 12%+ May LIVE Tested: Yes Here, The thing is I use all my other robots on this account also. May was the only month where I turned everything else off. So the results won't be accurate outside May. I guess if enough people are interested, I can set this robot up on it's own account, but so far you're the only one haha. But for complete transparency, this robot has started June off with 2 losses totaling -$57, or -5% - quite a hit. But we will see how it goes. 
@Trend Master V1: Obviously the above script isn't the actual script. Again, leave a comment or send me a message for the script.
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paid  02 Jun 2021
1 Hour Trend Scalper. Currently profitable on GBPUSD EURUSD AUDUSD NZDUSD This robot has been backtested on all four pairs and returned a total of 113% in 2 years. Now we have started live testing the robot in a demo and it is returning similar results compared to backtesting. The LIVE TESTED results from May 2021 was 12.1% _____________ With the purchase of this robot you will get the cBot file with all the SOURCE CODE and the profitable cBotsets for GBPUSD EURUSD AUDUSD and NZDUSD As this robot continues to prove itself, the price will get higher. Get this robot now before it's too late! _____________ This robot is rooted it basic price action and the fundamental truths of candlestick patterns and how candlesticks form in trends. This robot does NOT use: NO Hedging NO Martingale   With all the source code and the large amount of inbuilt customization, not only will you be starting from a profitable foundation, you will have ample amount of room to grow this robot bigger and better all from a very cheap price.   Hourly Trend Scalper   Lets be profitable together If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!
paid  29 May 2021
cTrader Trading Hotkeys. Create 10 programmable hotkeys in cTrader using this robot. Execute market orders, buy or sell, with variance in volume, or percentage risk of your account total. Close and modify any/all positions with different degrees of percentage. - Complete customisation of 10 hotkeys - Built with complete Risk/Reward Management. - Automatically calculate lot size from percentage of your total account with the click of one button Purchase includes all future updates   Download cTrader Hotkeys Now! Trading HotKeys | Trade Management Keys   cTrader Hotkey Guide Find the complete guide on how to use Orbital Trading’s Hotkeys for cTrader here.   The uploaded file here doesn't contain anything, its a commercial product and you must use our company website to download it.
free  29 May 2021
GBPUSD H1 +141% From Oct 2018 - Oct 2020 Jan 1st - Now forward tested +36% with 35 trades   Since launch, AUDUSD and EURUSD have both been added to increase profitability That's just the beginning… This trading system uses the RSI extremes in conjunction with multiple moving averages for accurate entry signals. Paired with risk management, this robot is simple but effective.      RSI w/ Moving Average Crossover   Features Enhanced implementation of the RSI and Moving Averages Advanced entry and exit confirmations Exiting trend trades when they are about to reverse Dynamic trading volume based on % of equity/balance High-performance/accuracy backtesting and optimization Telegram Message implementation - Get notified when the robot enters/exits a position Turn off 'Execute Trades' and use the robot with Telegram as a signal provider.      
Trend Master V1
paid  29 May 2021
Trend Master is a new bot that I've developed and even with it being in the early development, It's quite profitable. It uses multiple different moving averages to determine the trend by calculating the current distance between the moving averages now verses the past. The bot uses this information to determine the perfect time to initiate a short (Currently the bot only shorts, I'm working on adding in long too). Once in a position it places a fixed stop as well as a moving average cross over stop, with two profit targets.  Trend Master V1 - Uses 5 Moving Averages to calculate trend - Identifies optimal entry point - Fixed and Moving Average cross over stop loss - 2 Profit targets   Currently profitable with AUDUSD on 15min Timeframe. Purchase this robot now! Trend Master V1 Future Updates: - Adding Longs (aiming to improve total trades by 50%) - More places to initiate a short with the given MAs