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Ahmad Noman Musleh
Community Developer | Spotware | Telegram: @algodeveloper
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Name:Ahmad Noman Musleh
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Community Developer | Spotware | Telegram: @algodeveloper

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@Pattern Drawing: remon, In new version if you change one label color or style all other labels of that pattern will copy the updated label color or style. Regarding cycles, we also linked the cycle lines style and color. What do you mean exactly by visibility per time frame? we already have a time frame visibility option.
@Pattern Drawing: For3xScalper, You can change the color by selecting the pattern lines, also you can change the default drawing color from indicator settings, in new version which will be released very soon if you change an EV pattern one line color or style all other lines of that pattern color or style will change too.
@Pattern Drawing: For3xScalper, We added the Elliott wave pattern degrees on version 1.0.2, thanks for your suggestion.
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